Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TUESDAY TOOL TIP, Stampin' Spots...

One of Stampin' Up!'s most overlooked tools are Stampin' Spots.  These are fantastic little money savers that allow both beginners and experts alike to own all 48 Stampin' Up! colors (with the exception of In-Colors) in both Classic and Craft Ink.  All for a substantial savings over the full-size pads--60% savings on the Classic pads alone (blank full craft pads are now $4.95 plus refill ink).

These awesome little 1" squares are perfect for easily inking up small stamps and large alike.  They are also great for applying multiple colors to small areas of larger stamps for a nice effect.  Their size makes them so easy to use, easy to store and easy to carry to crops, etc.  Plus they make great gifts!

Stampin' Spots provide a terrific way to see if you will actually use all the colors before you make the investment in full-size pads.  When I first started using Stampin' Up! products, I bought all the Spots.  Then if a Spot went dry, I purchased the full-size pad and the refill ink.  If it went dry, that meant it was a color I used a lot and really needed a full-size pad in.  With the refill, I could re-ink my Spot and still have re-inker left for the full-size pad when I needed it.  Even though I have all the full-size pads now, I still love my spots for portability and ease of use.

Stampin’ Spots 
  • Slightly raised 1" x 1" pad 
  • Can be re-inked using Classic Stampin’ Ink Refills 
  • Great way to get many colors for a fairly small investment 
  • Stampin’ Spots should be stored right-side up to prevent leaking.
  • Available in color collections; not available individually (Classic Neutrals Collection does not include Whisper White or Very Vanilla)
Available in all four Color Collections:
  • Brights  (Classic: #119714 $19.95, Craft: #119718 $21.95)
  • Subtles  (Classic #119712 $19.95,  Craft: #119716 $21.95)
  • Regals   (Classic #119713 $19.95,  Craft: #119717 $21.95)
  • Neutrals (Classic #119715 $15.95,  Craft: #105419 $21.95)
Ink Refills:
  • Classic Ink Refill (1/2 oz.) = $2.95 each or $24.95 per color collection
  • Craft Ink Refill (1/2 oz.) = $4.25 or $39.95 per color collection
  • See pages 165-169 in the Idea Book and Catalog for specific item numbers
Storage Tip:
I have found that for me, an Iris Project Case is perfect.  It will fit more than the current 40 Stampin' Spots in case you have some of the retired spots you would like to keep as well.  I made my own In-Color ones, so I have 45 now and will soon have 50 when the new In-Colors come out.

Another low cost solution, is an 8" x 10" clear acrylic box frame.  All 40 Stampin' Spots fit perfectly inside.  You can even save the cardboard box that comes fitted inside it and use it to cover the Stampin' Spots so you can turn the whole thing over for storage.


  1. Marie, What great tips! Thanks for sharing them with us! What is an Iris Project Case?

  2. I was just wondering the same thing........what is an Iris Project Case??
    Thanks for sharing the great tips.

    Elsa L


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