Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TUESDAY TOOL TIP, Crystal Effects...

Crystal Effects is one of my favorite tools!  It is a water based lacquer that adds depth and texture to your hand stamped projects. Crystal Effects will appear "cloudy" as it is applied but it will dry to a crystal clear sheen.  I love it because it will give your project a 3-D look or "raised effect".   Whatever area you apply it to will seem to "jump" right off the paper. It has so many great uses!  I thought I would share some tips for successfully using Crystal Effects and 25 of the many ways in which you can use it.

  • Gives a high-gloss finish to any image
  • Creates amazing 3-D effects
  • Applicator tip provides great control
  • Distributed exclusively by Stampin’ Up!
  • Water based for quick and easy cleanup
  • Dries completely within an hour, depending on how thickly it is applied
  • Non-toxic, acid-free
  • 2 oz.
  • #101055, $6.25

  • Use and store Crystal Effects at room temperature.
  • Always store your Crystal Effects upright and NOT laying down on it’s side.
  • NEVER SHAKE Crystal Effects bottle.  This creates air bubbles making application difficult at best.
  • Prior to use, place the bottle upside down in a coffee cup, allowing any air bubbles  to rise to the top. This will minimize bubbles from appearing in your finished project.
  • When using, try to keep your nozzle down until completely done adding your CE to prevent bubbles from forming.
  • Apply slowly to alleviate any air bubbles that may occur.
  • Allow Crystal Effects to dry completely before handling.  Thin coats take only a few minutes, but thicker coats may take 30-60 minutes or longer to dry completely. Be careful not to handle your project too soon after using Crystal Effects or you may leave fingerprints in your design!
  • Do NOT use the heat tool to speed dry time; it will bubble an ruin your project.
  • Crystal Effects is water based and can cause Stampin’ Up! markers or dye inks to bleed.  Carefully apply a THIN layer of Crystal Effects, let dry, then apply a thicker coat.  Or, use Watercolor Crayons, Watercolor Pencils or Pastels to color your images before applying Crystal Effects without fear of bleeding colors.
  • Keep a long hat pin with a ball with your Crystal Effects to use to clear the opening from any clogging.

  1. Use as an adhesive for embellishments. It is very strong and dries clear. Especially good for small pieces, heavy pieces, beads, bows, magnets, pin backs, wire or attaching plastic and other non-porous materials to your stamped projects. Be sure to let it dry completely before handling.
  2. Simulate water droplets or dew on flowers and plants by adding little droplets to flower petals or leaves.   Also use for raindrops, water puddles or to leaves themselves to appear wet. Mix in a drop or two of Bashful Blue or Marina Mist Classic Ink Refill for a more realistic look.
  3. Use on bubbles to make them appear to be translucent and dimensional on paper.
  4. Add to eyes (punch art or stamped) to give them a glossy, wide-eyed and realistic effect. Also perfect for animal noses.
  5. Use the applicator tip to apply a thicker layer of Crystal Effects to "select elements" of your design to add emphasis. Apply a second or third coat to raise image more, if desired. Great for small leaves, flower petals, centers of flowers, insects, Christmas ornament, teacup, umbrella, etc.
  6. Brush a thin layer of Crystal Effects over the entire focal piece to give your piece a glass-like finish. Add glitter for a glittery glazed look.
  7. Apply to punched circles or Buttons embosslit cuts for faux buttons.
  8. Use crystal effects to glue Designer Series Paper (or a stamped image) to a clear button.
  9. Use Crystal Effects with Dazzling Diamonds or ultra fine glitter to add a pop of sparkle to your project. Great for candle flames, camp fires, etc.
  10. Use as icicles on your winter projects. Apply a strip of Crystal Effects on wax paper and pull down like icicles with a toothpick, then add Dazzling Diamonds.
  11. Add beads, microbeads and Glass Glitter (heavier than regular glitter) to a portion of your project.
  12. Use it to re-glue any stamps that have come unmounted from the foam or wood.
  13. Experiment with different applicators to add textured patterns to your art. For example, the Faux Canvas technique gives a portrait effect to your stamped art. Or random squiggles, shapes or marks drawn on cardstock will give a glossy, watermark look to your background. Swirls with a paintbrush will give another effect.
  14. Use as a glitter glue. Mix Crystal Effects with a small amount of Dazzling Diamonds Glitter. You can also custom color them by adding drops of Classic Ink Refill. Mix small amounts or large bottles to keep on hand.
  15. Use to create the illusion of glass when applied over a stamped vase, eyeglasses, windows, drinking glass, pitcher or Christmas light bulb.
  16. Outline your image in a thin line of Crystal Effects for a heat embossed look without the heat.
  17. Paint your pearls! Use a mixture of reinkers and Crystal Effects. Lay them on a piece of wax paper and paint them with the mixture and let dry. Change the color of Hodgepodge Hardware or mini brads, too!
  18. Use to seal and protect your artwork - especially great for 3D paper flowers, multi-layer paper pins or dominoes (when colored with pastels or attaching stamped tissue paper design).
  19. Use as a fray check by applying to the end of your ribbon.
  20. Create Faux Dew Drops by forming 3D dots on wax paper (use reinkers to add color). Let dry, remove from wax paper and adhere to your project.
  21. Coat the top of a brad with Crystal Effects and dip into some fine glitter to create glitter brads. Caution: unlike our Glimmer Brads, the glitter will tend to rub off a bit with these brads. Be sure to shake off excess before allowing to dry. Stick the brad prongs in styrofoam to let the brad dry without messing up the top.
  22. Use Crystal Effects to seal your shrink art pins. This creates dimension and provides a more a great glassy finish.
  23. Use Crystal Effects to seal beaded pens. After you make your pen, stick it into Styrofoam to dry for 24 hours. Then dip the pen upside down into the bottle of crystal effects. Tip right side up and stick back into the Styrofoam to dry for another 24 hours. It seals the pen so that he beads won't fall off.
  24. Use as a household glue to repair items - I used it to glue the bed of my Birkenstock sandal and it's still holding!
  25. Use for techniques like Acetate & Tissue, Sparkly Stain Glass, Snow Globe, Faux Canvas, Photo Altering, Caught in Crystal and so many more!

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