Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TUESDAY TOOL TIP, Stampin' Dimensionals...

Stampin' Dimensionals are one of my must-have tools.  They seem like such an little insignificant accessory, but the use of Dimensionals adds a huge punch to your project.

Features & Benefits:
  • Double-sided, self-adhesive foam mounts
  • 1/16" diameter
  • 300 per package
  • Use multiple Stampin’ Dimensionals for multilevel projects or added height
  • Great for layering and 3-D effects

Stampin’ Dimensionals are the easiest way to give your projects an instant 3-D look.  They add interest to your project and kick even the simplest card up a notch.  Just stamp an image, trim around it, and attach it to your project with a Stampin’ Dimensional.  Here's an example of how Stampin' Dimensionals can improve the overall appearance of your project:

Don't be afraid to stack multiple Stampin' Dimensionals so that you have varying heights.  This adds fabulous depth and "dimension" to your project.  In the card above and the close-up to the right, I used multiple layers of dimensionals to give a mounded (or rounded) loo to the hydrangea.

Stampin' Dimensionals don't have to stay in their hexagon shape either!  Cut them in half or even smaller to fit the size of your image as I did with my hydrangea.  It makes them even more economical.  You will get a lot of bang for your buck with just one package of Stampin' Dimensionals!

I especially love using them to make sentiments stand out as shown in the above card.  I often punch sentiments out and back with another punched piece.  You can attach the Dimensionals to just the sentiment with the second piece flat on the card or have the sentiment flat on the punched piece and the dimensionals on just the punched piece and then attached to the card.  Or you can even have dimensionals on BOTH the sentiment piece and the punched piece!

Stamping Dimensionals are also great for attaching 3-D objects such as flowers, tags and bows.  This will add a lot of "pop" to your project.

HOT TIP #1:  Do you ever have trouble getting the backing off a your Stampin' Dimensional?  Peel your Dimensional from the sheet and attach to the back of your pop piece.  Then just press your thumbnail into the center of the Stampin' Dimensional.  This action causes the edges to lift up allowing you to peel it back.

HOT TIP #2:  Want to corral all those little hexagon paper backs from your Stampin' Dimensionals?  Make a large loop of packing tape and stick it on your work surface.  As you are working, just stick the backs onto the tape until it is full and start a new one!

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