Sunday, December 4, 2011


Sorry to post this, but I'm trying to reach Teresa Jackson.  I have been trying to send you your files, but all my emails to you are being returned by your provider saying that I have been marked as spam.  I am receiving your emails, but I have been trying for several days now to respond to all your emails with no success.  I even tried using my alternate address and I have received no reponse from you from that address, so I assume that one is not reaching you either although they have not been returned.

For anyone having difficulty in reaching me, if you do not receive a timely response from me, first check your spam folder.  If there is nothing there, be sure to add my email address to your address book or "safe list".  Just emailing me does not automatically do so.  If you still do not get a response, please call me at 757-463-2714.  Email is a wonderful thing when it works, but sometimes it does not.  I find real emails in my spam folders at times and other times, they just never arrive.  :(

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