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TOOL TIP TUESDAY, Sponge, Distress or WHACK it!...

Time for Tool Tip Tuesday once again!  One tool that I use for almost EVERY project I make is my sponges.  Whatever term you use (color, sponge, distress, or whack), sponging is one of my all time favorite techniques.  Sponge daubers and stamping sponges make a great team for sponging any project.  They each have unique applications, but you will find that between the two, you will have the right tool to add the perfect touch to your project!  Check back on Saturday for more on daubers for my Saturday Storage Tip!

These unique applicators have a small, rounded sponge tip attached to plastic tubes for creating soft airbrush effects on paper.  The tubes slip right onto your finger, giving you greater application control.  You'll be amazed at the versatile results you can achieve with sponge daubers!

  • 12 per package, $10.95 US
  • Approximately 1-1/4" tall 
  • Great for applying color with ink, pastels, etc.

  • To use a sponge dauber with a Classic Stampin’ Pad, press a closed ink pad so the ink pools in the lid, and then use the sponge dauber to apply the ink to desired area.
  • Using broad strokes, sponge color on desired area at a 45-degree angle. For a sponged circle of color, push directly onto paper at a 90-degree angle.
  • Best tool for burnishing which has a smooth, consistent look.
  • Sponge Daubers can be washed under running water and reused, or you can label them for single color use (check back Saturday for my Dauber Storage Tips).
  1. Stamp image with Versamark, then use the sponge daubers to dab Stampin' Pastels on the image to make your it pop (Poppin' Pastels Technique).
  2. Use with ink and stencils for stenciling.
  3. Make a fun dotted background.
  4. Use to apply ink over embossed images (Emboss Resist Technique)
  5. Apply multiple colors of ink to a mostly solid stamp with the daubers and stamp.  It gives a lovely multi-colored stamp image that is sure to wow.
  6. Use to apply multiple colors of ink on glossy cardstock for gorgeous backgrounds.
  7. Color distress the edges of your cardstock for a soft and pretty look.
  8. Apply Shimmer Paints to your projects.  You can even tint the shimmer paint with our reinkers.
  9. Add a little color or glow anywhere on your project - suns, light around an object, sky, etc.
  10. Non-Stamping Use:  Moisten one with water to use to seal all your Christmas Card envelopes!

Our Stampin' Sponges are just the right tool for sponging ink around the edges of your card stock.  Use them whole or cut them into wedges, so you have one for each color.

  • Superb for sponging ink onto projects 
  • Approximately 2-3/4" diameter 
  • 3 per package, $3.50 US
  • Easily cut with scissors into wedges or any desired shape
  • You can cut the sponges into wedges of 4-8.   This means you can get up to 24 sponge wedges from only ONE PACKAGE!  Two packs will give you enough for all our colors!  A very economical way to sponge.
  • These sponges have large surfaces that allow for wider color application and texture.
  • You can use different sides for different colors at the same time while doing one project which can make it easier when stamping on the go.
  • Color application is softer (in color) and more diffuse than with sponge daubers.   However, sponging creates a textured, rough look on cardstock vs. burnishing with daubers that is desirable on some projects. 
  • Stampin' Sponges are my tool of choice when braying.  They are wonderful to use around torn or punched paper edges for mountains, water,sky, etc.
  • Stampin' Sponges are especially good for distressing/aging used in vintage styles.  They make it very easy to antique the entire card surface.
  • Rinse out after each use.
  • I wash mine out every time as this is Stampin' Up!'s recommendation.  However, if you don't like doing this, you can keep your wedges for reuse with particular colors.  If you prefer this, punch out a Round Tab Punch from the coordinating color card stock, fold the punch in half and staple on to the narrow end of your wedge (see photo inset above left).

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  1. I wasn't aware stampn' up sold these things. I was going to ask my stampn'up gal where to buy them. thanks for the tips.


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