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STORAGE SATURDAY, Dauber Storage Boxes...

Earlier this week, I featured Sponge Daubers for my Tool Tip Tuesday post.  Rather than wash the daubers out after each use, I find it easier to have one dauber dedicated to each color.  As promised I am sharing my storage tip to corral all those little fellers.

There are lots of ways to store your sponge daubers.  Previously I had stored my daubers in a large Stamp & Supply Box (plastic case that our stamps come in).  However, the daubers kept turning around and I couldn't see the labels to pick out the correct dauber easily.  So, I upgraded to these fabulous dauber boxes I found.  I hope that Stampin' Up! will get something like these one day as they are difficult to find in stock.

I labeled each of the daubers with it's color.  Depending on the label type used, you may want to use Sticky Strip to adhere the labels or you may find it peeling off in time.

Update:  I have since found 3M Permanent-Adhesive Return Address Labels, 1/2" x 1 3/4", which have held up very well without peeling off and without needing Sticky Strip (at least in my climate).

Since I am a little OCD, I had to put the colors on the bottom inside the dauber spaces as well the top grid.  I found it much easier to put them back quickly instead of referring to the grid.

And, of course, I HAD to decorate the top and make my case pretty!  I made a very simple black and white design that matches my studio with My Digital Studio.  I used Dotto (temporary adhesive) to attach it to the inside top in case I want to change it later.  Then I attached the grid to the back of the design paper.  Be sure everything is facing the right way before adhering.  Ask me how I know!  ;)

I have three dauber boxes on my desk.  One is our 40 Core Colors.  In the second, I keep my daubers for In Colors, Shimmer Paints, etc.  I have lots of room for In Colors for the next few years!  In the third, I have my Retired Colors.  You may want to add a Window Sheet over your top inside chart to protect it from the ink on your daubers.

Would you like your own Dauber Case?

Dauber Cases $50 + shipping as described below (unless local pickup)

  • One Dauber Case -- see available case types below
  • Design top, as pictured, and label grid on the inside top (these two attached with temporary adhesive so that you can change the top, if desired) and the individual labels on the inside bottom (permanent adhesive).  
  • 40 Sponge Daubers and the color labels for them (for you to attach).

  • Core Colors.  These are available with grids in three different orders: 
    • ROYGBIV Order (rainbow as pictured above)
    • Stampin' Up! Color Collection Order
    • Alphabetical Order
  • In Colors, etc. (shown above)
  • Retired Colors with 30 retired colors (retired in June 2010) and the ten most recently retired In-Colors that are not current Core Colors.
Cost is $50.00 plus shipping ($5.50 for one case or $10.85 for two to six cases).  Insurance against loss or damage is optional, but recommended as the case is a tight fit and plastic ($1.85 for one case, $2.35 for two cases, $2.85 for three or four cases).  

The Dauber Cases are basically the cost of the items only with no charge for my time in assembling and processing them or PayPal fees.  No cases will be sold individually.

If you are interested in purchasing a Dauber Case, please email me with the type of case you are interested in (including grid selection) and whether you would like insurance.   I will then send you a PayPal invoice and upon payment order your sponge daubers.

*U.S. Residents only as Stampin' Up! does not permit shipping over international borders.

Dauber Case Templates:  For those not in the U.S., demonstrators or if you already have your own case, you can now purchase the templates for the inserts for the Dauber Cases and Dauber Labels.  You can find that info in this post:  DAUBER CASE TEMPLATES


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  2. Lisa, if you read what comes with them, you will realize that I am not really making any money off them. With shipping, the boxes cost me $6.00 (can be a lot more with shipping depending on how many cases you get at a time). The Sponge Daubers are $10.95 for 12 PLUS 10% shipping and 5% tax to me. You need to purchase 4 packages to fill the case. Plus, the cost of the labels, the ink & paper for the grids, the Dotto (not cheap and I adhere completely on all 4 sides) and adhesive. Plus there is a PayPal fee of $2.00 a box.

    You can see that I am not making any money and that does not even take into consideration all the time it takes to answer emails, assemble the cases (considerable amount of time), and pack them for shipment. But I do get sales credit for the purchases and I am a demonstrator after all. I am trying to build my sales and customer base, which is why I did them for such a LOW price with very little to no profit at all.

    Also, for fellow demonstrators who want to purchase the sponge daubers from themselves, I am selling the templates for only $3.

  3. OH I wish I was so organized! A talent to itself!

  4. Awesome idea. I love knowing somebody is looking out for us stampers -- to help keep us organized! Such a huge task! : )

    thank you for sharing.

  5. Just got my Dauber Case in the mail.
    Love, Love, Love it!
    I'm on my way to being an organized stamper ;)

  6. Oh how I wish I lived in the U.S. Uuuggghhh!!! You have all the best stuff available and yet are not permitted to ship to Canada, which I do not understand as technically this is NOT a S.U. product in itself! If I were to buy the cases empty, without the daubers included, why could you not send them to me????


Thank you for blessing me with your comments! I truly appreciate each and every one. Have a fabulous day!

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