Sunday, April 3, 2011


A FREE update (1.0.6) is now available for all My Digital Studio users with the packaged DVD software.  The update provides users with new functionality and several new options for print products (see photo above).
  • Update your software with the free update on in the Updates section here.
  • Download a PDF with all of our print products here.

An easy way to get your update is to open your MDS program, click "Help" and then select "Check for Updates" in the My Digital Studio software.  The update will be performed automatically.  Be sure to allow for some time as it is quite a large download.  When you are done, you will be able to create and print some AMAZING new projects!

Updated Software Functionality:
More Ways to Design!

Here are some of the new enhancements in functionality and print products in this FREE update to expand your options while designing:
  • Group and edit:  Enjoy the ability to group objects and then resize, recolor, and rotate, them all at once.
  • Access more information:  View project dimension information in both inches and pixels when you right-click the project and view the Edit Object screen. Make sure to check out the Info tab on this same screen for more object details.
  • Get the pages you need:  My Digital Studio automatically adds just the number of pages you need for the type of project you’re creating (for example, four pages for greeting cards, two pages for postcards, and 26 pages for calendars).  Note that the last page of greeting cards, trifold cards, and calendars automatically includes the Stampin’ Up! and My Digital Studio logos as embellishment pieces which can be removed. 
  • Choose what you view:  You can check a box to show the bleed (trim) area in Preview Project, or simply uncheck to hide it. 
  • Crop with confidence:  When using the crop feature for Photos or Background Paper added as a page layer, use the ruler or width and height boxes to crop an image to the perfect size. 
  • Keep it quick:  Move back and forth between project pages with a quick key command (ctrl+right arrow for next page; ctrl+left arrow for previous page) or from the View menu in the top menu bar.
  • View the Resource Palette with ease:  Use your keyboard arrows in the Browse section of the Resource Palette to quickly toggle between artwork. 
  • Add and delete pages in a flash:  Do it all at once.  Forget the days of adding and deleting pages one-by-one.  Simply select the page thumbnails at the bottom of your canvas, right-click and delete.
  • Keep your favorites in line:  Remove your favorite colors via the Remove Favorite button from the Favorites tab of the color palette.

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