Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today, when I showed my daughter-in-law my necklace, she informed me that it looked "gangsta" or something to that effect.  Huh?  I guess the kids are of the opinion that the charm is too large for necklace.  So I popped it off, grabbed a large safety pin, threw on some of the beads and spacers from our Pretties Kit, changed the ribbon and VOILA - I now have a pin-on charm for my Scallop Square Rag Bag!  When will May get here, so I can order new charms to play with???

Working on class projects today, so nothing else to show you. :(   Maybe tomorrow...

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  1. Now THAT really works! Love it. I have to agree with the kids...mostly because I hear my teens/twenty-somethings saying the same thing!



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