Sunday, April 11, 2010


Last month I posted about the Decor Elements I had put on my car so far and asked for your opinions (Decor Elements, Opinions Needed) about whether to add anything or not.  The advice seemed to split right down the middle - most demonstrators said to leave it plain and businesslike.  Most customers/stamping enthusiasts said they would put some color and creativity into it.  I appreciate all your comments and emails and carefully considered them all.  Ultimately, I decided to add a little something.  Not too much or too busy.  But I decided that I needed to show a taste of what you could do with our FABULOUS Decor Elements line.  Hopefully I inspire others to add their unique personality to their vehicle as well!

So today after church, I added these flowers to the back of my car.  No matter what I did, I just couldn't get my camera to pick up all the colors in the vinyl.  I think it's time for me to turn in my ancient relic of a camera that was among the first digital cameras available...  I hope you like the final results!  So, what do you think?

Initially, I used the larger Stampin' Up! logo (for demonstrators only on our supply list) and I cut the letters for my website address out of our White Decor Elements Vinyl Sheets with my Big Shot and our Alphabet Simple Letters Dies.  Just today, I added the Medium Flower Garden Decor Elements #116057, $16.95 pictured here:


  1. Marie- You did an awesome job! It's gorgeous! I wish my ride looked that pretty:)

  2. It looks fantastic!! I love it! Great job! People will be able to notice how durable they are besides looking pretty.

  3. Wow! People will notice! I love the flowers! Great addition! I bet at the very least you'll get people looking to decorate the car! TFS!

  4. Marie - I love the additional color. It is eye catching and shows off the Decor Elements. Are you having any problems with you rear window wiper taking off the vinyl? I have a station wagon that I am considering decorating.
    Ellen Barner

  5. Awesome job! Adds more of a personal touch to your business. Well done!

  6. This looks awesome, but I too, am curious as to what the rear window wiper does or how it effects the decor elements and do you house your car all the time?.. and how does the sun effect it. I am thinking I probably need to do this on side windows as opposed to the rear, but I REALLY like what you did to the rear window!


Thank you for blessing me with your comments! I truly appreciate each and every one. Have a fabulous day!

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