Friday, April 2, 2010


My memory has been poked by a couple of you!  Apparently, I forgot to post the pictures of the cards I made in the Advanced Brayer class I took with Michelle Zindorf.  As before, no recipes or tutorials for these, as they are Michelle's designs and to be shared with class attendees only.  I hope you enjoy seeing them though.


  1. Those are just beautiful Marie! Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow Marie, those are absolutely stunning! Wish I could find courses like that near me, southern BC! Must be so much fun. I am going to a SU card making workshop on Monday here, but we usually don't learn too many techniques, just have fun making cards, which is good too:)

  3. hey, did you redo that last one again? If not, it looks good just like i told you. the bridge came out great with the black on it!

  4. Thanks, ladies! No, Jen, I went with my first effort. Decided you were right and that it worked for it. Just added some more sponging/dots to the bridge for more dimension and stone look.

  5. Wow what stunning creations.


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