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We're ecstatic to introduce MDS 2, debuting in the new annual catalog!  This digital design software boasts more than 75 new features for optimal designing.  The new version will be available late 2012 (although Sara says it may be sooner!).  Whether you're new to digital designing or an experienced pro, you will love it!

With this new My Digital Studio software you'll be able to:
  • Design in spreads
  • Create with custom canvas sizes
  • Add more than one color to a single stamp image
  • Resize vector stamp images while keeping them crisp
  • See color combination suggestions
  • And much more!
The new software will be available late 2012.  Until then, purchase My Digital Studio (#118108) or My Digital Studio Express (#124483) and upgrade to MDS 2 for FREE when it becomes available.  So don't wait!  Do you already have My Digital Studio and want MDS 2?  Don't worry; you'll be able to purchase an upgrade to enjoy all the new design features.  And don't forget that you can still try My Digital Studio Express FREE for 30 days!  DETAILS HERE!

New My Digital Studio Software-Available Late 2012
New Software Item Price
MDS 2    Full software Download 130644
Disc 130645
MDS 2 + Full software plus over $500 in content Download 130646
Disc 130647
FREE Upgrade to MDS 2 - For those who purchase My Digital Studio now until MDS 2 is available Download instructions delivered via e-mail FREE
Upgrade to MDS 2 - For those who already have My Digital Studio Download 130650 $19.95

Here is a video on the new MDS2 program with Sara Douglass:

If you received this post via email, please click here to see the video on my website.

Got questions? Here’s all you need to know about MDS 2.

Q. When will the new software be available for purchase?
A. Late 2012. It will be available at some point during the holiday catalog sales period, but an exact date has not been announced.

Q. What’s included in the new version of the software?
A. We’ve got more than 75 new fantastic features waiting for you to explore. See the above list for some of the new features.

Q. What is the difference between MDS 2 and MDS 2+?
A. MDS 2 includes the complete new software and design tools. MDS 2+ includes the full software PLUS over $500 US/$600 CAN in digital content.

Q. What content will be included with MDS 2+? And if I order My Digital Studio now and upgrade for free, is there a way for me to get all the content that comes with MDS 2+?
A. When MDS 2+ is launched, we will provide a PDF that shows what content is included. The majority of the content in MDS 2+ is artwork that has already been released and made available for purchase, so you may find you already own a lot of it. You’ll be able to purchase the MDS 2+ content as individual downloads.

Q. Why is MDS 2 listed in the Stampin’ Up! annual catalog, but not available for purchase?
A. The annual catalog lasts an entire year and we want the most accurate products represented during that timeframe; MDS 2 will be available for the majority of the catalog period since it will be released late 2012. Plus, we just couldn’t wait. We’re so excited for you to experience all the new features and wanted you to know it’s right around the corner!

Q. If I already have My Digital Studio and don’t upgrade to MDS 2, will I still be able to use the software, purchase downloads, and order print products?
A. Of course, but with all the new features included in the upgrade, you’ll want to spend the $19.95 US/$24.95 CAN to take your designing opportunities to another level!

Q. Will Stampin’ Up! continue to offer support for My Digital Studio (#118108) and My Digital Studio Express (#124483) once MDS 2 becomes available?
A. While we won’t be selling the older version of the software once MDS 2 is available, you can continue to use it.  Our call center will support any issues that come up with the older version of the software.

Q. If I already own the software and purchase the upgrade, what comes with it?
A. The upgrade contains over 75 new software features to make designing easier.  It doesn’t include new artwork.  The upgrade will contain several additional punches and a few additional page photo designer templates.  You can purchase downloads, released weekly, at www.stampinup.com/downloads.

Q. Does MDS 2 include new output products and professional print options?
A. No. However, when new print products become available they will only be available through MDS 2, and not earlier versions of the software.

Q. If I upgrade to MDS 2, will it keep all the downloads I’ve already purchased as well as projects I’ve created and saved?
A. Of course!

LOYALTY REWARDS - When you purchase $50 or more, you qualify for my Loyalty Rewards program!  This Frequent Stamper program is my way of saying "thank you" to my returning customers in appreciation of their business and is in addition to other Stampin' Rewards.  Earn FREE stamps with MarieStamps.com!

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