Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TOOL TIP TUESDAY, Unmounting Your Stampin' Around Wheels Video...

For today's Tool Tip, I wanted to feature our Stampin' Up! Wheels and to show you an "out of the box" way to use them.

I love our wheels!  They are a fun and easy tool to use.  I use the "free-flowing", open styles to wheel on wrapping paper, labels, gift bags & boxes, scrapbook pages, etc.  The new Builder Wheels really take the fun up a few notches.  You can stack up to three different builder wheels on a spindle that snaps into a Jumbo Stampin' Around Handle.  Add a Triple-Cell Ink Cartridge and you can be rolling all three wheels in DIFFERENT COLORS to produce your own custom multicolored designs!  Woot!

However, if the wheel is a scene (like the retired Haunting) or words and phrases intermixed (like Bright Blessings or I {Love} Love), or just something I would like to hand-color with markers, then I unmount the rubber from the wheel and use it as a regular stamp.  You can unmount them to use as one stamp and marker the areas you'd like to stamp or cut the stamp up into individual stamps and have a whole set of stamps for only $8.50!  It makes them so much easier to work with and if you have been wheel-challenged up to now, you will find yourself loving your wheels!  See my video at the end of this post on how to unmount your wheels! 

Standard Wheels
Jumbo Wheels
Builder Wheels

Stampin' Around Wheels, Handles and Accessories

•  Available in Standard, Jumbo, and Builder sizes.
•  Same deeply etched images in high-quality rubber as our regular stamps.
•  Use with Stampin’ Around handles, Spindles/Spacers and ink cartridges (sold separately)
•  Excellent to stamp labels for nuggets, party bags, gift boxes & wrap, and scrapbook pages quickly.

•  Easy to switch cartridges and wheels, so you only need one of each sized handle - Standard and Jumbo.
•  Ergonomic design
•  Durable plastic construction
•  Available in Standard and Jumbo sizes

•  Use with Builder Wheels
•  Spindle holds up to 3 Builder Wheels and fits Stampin’ Around Jumbo Handle
•  Spindle comes with end cap piece to hold it securely in handle
•  Spindle comes with 2 spacers
•  Use spacers to substitute for a wheel when only using 1 or 2 Builder Wheels.   When using only 1 or 2 Builder wheels, make sure you apply pressure firmly and evenly so the wheel doesn't rock.

•  Works with Stampin’ Around wheels to create straight lines of wheeled art.  No more crooked Stampin’ Around Wheel images!
•  Two 12" rulers snap together to make a 22" straight edge or a right angle corner while the clear plastic allows you to see your artwork as you wheel.


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  • Craft & Rubber Scissors (#103179, $19.95)
  • Clear-Mount Cling Foam (#124236, $10.95/2)
  • Hobby Knife or Xacto knife

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