Thursday, September 15, 2011


I'm sorry that I have been AWOL lately.  I have been so sick for a month now and didn't know why.  I had a doctors appointment at the end of August, but the clinic canceled it because of Hurricane Irene and I couldn't get another one until next Monday (gotta love the military!).  Since a couple of my meds had been switched out or were new, I decided to take myself off all of them (even vitamins, etc.) and try to figure out if that was what was causing it.  Even after 10 days of no medications, I still have not been well.  

I felt a little better last Saturday and went to my downline meeting, only to rebound with feeling worse than ever for the next few days.  Tuesday evening, desperate to avoid the ER (you can wait as much as 12-20 hours at military ERs), I decided to check out the web about my medications, etc.  My diet has not changed at all and I have not been eating much anyway with being so sick.  However, I remembered that I did switch from regular yogurt for my breakfast to a probiotic yogurt a couple of months ago.  It is supposed to be better for your digestion though so it couldn't be causing all my stomach problems, right???  Wrong!  In my search, I found that many people have terrible reactions to this yogurt from mild to violent symptoms.  Of course, I immediately stopped eating it and seem to be feeling a little better now.  Although many people said it can take some time before it clears your system and that you might even need antibiotics to get rid of the symptoms, so time will tell.  Hopefully I have found the culprit though! 

I haven't been able to stamp much due to the severe stomach pain, but hope to be back to it in the next few days.  Fingers crossed!  I am still working though and answering emails and getting out orders, etc.  I'm just not making any projects except for those that have to be done for classes.  Thanks so much for all the emails checking to see if I am okay.  It is very much appreciated!  It is nice to be missed...


  1. Marie,
    I'm sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. I hope you have it figured out and are back feeling 100% soon.

  2. So sorry you're having these health challenges. Hope you get them worked out soon. I've so enjoyed your blog.

  3. So sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. Good luck with your Dr. appt. Hope all goes well and you are all better real soon.

  4. So sorry to hear you have not been feeling well.
    Hope you get well soon. You'll be in my prayers.

  5. Glad you are beginning to feel better. Hope you don't have any issues from going off meds. Definitely keep your Dr appt in case the yogurt is aggravating some other condition. Hopefully it was just the yogurt though. Hope you're completely well very soon!

  6. So sorry to hear of your 'illness' - hopefully the probiotic yogurt will clear from your system very soon and you will be back feeling of luck with it all!


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