Monday, August 29, 2011


We made it through Irene okay!  Our roof sprung a leak and it's only a few years old.  But, we didn't lose power for long, so that was good.  Internet was down and there is lots of debris to clean up, but all in all, we were pretty lucky!  Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.  It was very much appreciated!

Following up on my Storage Saturday post on storing card stock, Kristi asked me what I keep in the bottom drawer of my lateral filing cabinet to keep it from tipping over.  First of all, I have a countertop over all my drawer units, so while it can tip a little, it can not tip over.  However, my bottom drawer is fully loaded!  I file everything I possibly can - if it is flat enough or will fit, I file it!  Okay, I will share a shot of my messy bottom file drawer.  It definitely needs some going through...

I have regular hanging files and box hanging files of 1" & 2".  All are legal size folders like the card stock folders.  Many of the folders contain business items like catalogs, hostess info, forms, instruction sheets, etc.  That is a lot of weight in itself.  Also, I have files for Decor Elements, Stencils, Cello Bags, templates, manuals (from stampin' products and appliances in my studio), Window Sheets, acetate (collected before we had window sheets), On Board, Labels, and yes, even plastic bags. 

I know, I'm pathetic.  Just ask my daughter.  What can I say?  My psyche can only rest when everything is organized, color-coded and exactly where it belongs!   Okay, now I have to go clean that drawer or I won't rest a bit tonight...

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