Sunday, January 30, 2011


Last week, Stampin' Up! had an amazing first day of Sale-A-Bration, with sales more than double what they were on the first day of Sale-A-Bration last year.  At the home office, they shattered the picking record with 137,000 picks (items pulled from the shelves and put in a box to be shipped) in ten hours--the previous record was 105,000 in thirteen hours.  However, the new record did not last long.  It was broken the next day with 147,000 picks in ten hours!

It's been an outstanding week and I hope that you are enjoying our Sale-A-Bration promotion!  Contact me to set up your own workshop and I will teach you and your friends fun, new techniques!  Meanwhile, I thought you might like to see how your products arrive at you door...

From the Stampin' Up! Warehouse to Your Front Door!

After we get your order, the proper box is selected and a unique bar code is placed in the corner. That bar code tells the box where to go as it travels through the Distribution Center.

Your box’s first stop is along the Pick Line. Based on the information on your bar code, lights on the shelves tell pickers which and how many items go in each box.

After your box is loaded, weighed, and inspected for quality, it travels uphill to the packing area. The shipping label is applied, filler is added to keep things from moving around during shipping, and a fancy tape machine seals everything up.

After everything is labeled and sealed, your box travels back downstairs where it's loaded onto one of those beautiful brown trucks for delivery right to you!

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