Tuesday, November 23, 2010


With both the FABULOUS 50% off Starter Kit offer and the Online Spectacular going on this week, I have received a few inquiries about how they could work together.  I thought I would answer the most common questions here in case anyone else is wondering.  For full information, click here.

Q.  Do I have to sell if I become a demonstrator?
A.  NO, you don't have to sell!  You can sign up just for the discount!  With Stampin’ Up! there is room for all kinds of demonstrators.  No matter what kind of demonstrator you choose to be, I’m here to help you get what YOU want from your Stampin’ Up! experience.

Q.  How much do I have to sell?
A.  Again, you don't have to sell!  Just place your own orders at a discount.  If you want to remain a demonstrator and continue to order with your discount, you need to submit orders of $300 (before your discount) each calendar quarter.  The first quarter you would have to meet the $300 is January/February/March 2011.  You would have 4-1/2 months to meet this.

Q.  What if I don't meet the minimum sales requirement?  Do I have to give my kit back?
A.  You'll receive an extra 30 days to make up the difference.  If you still have not met the minimum, you will simply no longer be a demonstrator.  You get to keep all the great products you received.  There are no penalties whatsoever.

Q.  Do I have to claim Stampin' Up! on my taxes if I am not selling?
A.  When making demonstrator orders, you are actually purchasing at the discounted price (at least 20% discount even on sale & Clearance Rack items).   If you are not selling product or holding classes and making money from someone, you cannot be taxed on it as you have no income to report.

Q.  Is there an annual fee?
A.  No - there is no annual fee.  Just the one-time purchase of starter kit at $87.50 (valid until November 30th).

Q.  Can I still get hostess benefits on my personals orders if I'm a demonstrator?
A.  YES!!!  If your order is $150 or more, you qualify for the same FREE stamp sets and merchandise as you do as a hostess! 

Q.  I want to get in on the great deals this week with the Online Spectacular!  Can I place an order right away?  Or do I have to wait for my kit to arrive?
You can start placing orders and taking advantage of those specials right away!  Plus, your first order of $150 or more qualifies for an extra 10% discount.  That means you can get those amazing deals at an amazing 30% discount….AND FREE shipping (thru Nov. 30)!!!   If you have $400 in orders in the same month, you will also get a 5% volume rebate making your discount even greater!  Get your wish list and Christmas shopping lists organized to take advantage of this bonus!  Even better - have an open house or get-together with your friends and family, so that they can do their Christmas shopping, too, while you earn 30% income!!! 

Q.  OK, it sounds great, but is all this really too good to be true???
Absolutely not!  You will get all this and more!  Only you can decide if this is the right choice for you.  But I can tell you that I love being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator!  It is so fun and rewarding!  My life has been so blessed by Stampin' Up! and all the friends I have met through Stampin' Up!

Have more questions???  Just contact me via email or phone (757-463-2714) and I'll answer them right away.   But don't wait too long...this special is only valid through November 30th!

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