Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today I am posting in honor of Marian Swain's (one of my sidelines) daughter.  I hope she won't mind me posting this for all of you - I believe in the power of all our prayers joining together.  Please keep Sarah and her family in your thoughts and prayers today.  I know I will be!

Flower Power for Sarah

This is a special request for Marion's daughter Sarah who has Biphenotypic Leukemia.  Sarah and Marion are at Duke where Sarah is going through the preparatory process for bone marrow transplant.  Marion has asked that we put Sarah in our prayers and make a flower to wear today.

Flower Power for SarahMarion's Note ~ September 21st--That is the day Sarah receives her bone marrow transplant. She will receive stem cells from 2 cord blood units that day. The analogy the doctor's use is replanting a garden. So that is why I chose a flower to symbolize this important day."

Marion's flowers

These are the flowers that Marion is making for the staff at Duke and for Sarah's many friends. One of her friends designed the 'flower power button' for Sarah, above.  Marion thought we might like to make a flower and wear it today with positive thoughts and prayers for Sarah.

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