Monday, February 1, 2010

Well, it happened.  We got 9" of snow here!  While not a record it is certainly not common.  It has not happened in the 16 years I have lived here.  We've had a couple of bad ice storms and a few storms of 1-2", but that is it.  Normally, it is all gone by the next day if not before, so you never have to shovel or anything.  Not this time!  Three days later, it is all still here and most of the roads are a sheet of ice.  

Thankfully it was a light powdery snow, so we didn't lose our electricity.  School and work have been off for 3 days now.  Unfortunately with everyone snowed in at home, I never got to get any stamping in.  Dear hubby finally decided to get the Christmas boxes down from the attic, so that I could pack up the Christmas decorations.  Yes, I know -  AWFUL!  We were out of town the first two weeks of January and then he was busy with school and work.  It's finally done now though.  Yay!  Hopefully tomorrow I will get to do some stamping!

Here are some pictures I took in the middle of the rare event:

My Birdhouse Garden Snowed Under

Our Back Deck
(notice all the warm weather things still out since it never snows here)

Colleen Going Out to Deliver Pizza - Her Second Job
(crazy girl who has NEVER driven in snow before)

Michael Shoveling for the Second Time Saturday - before another 2" Saturday night

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