Tuesday, July 2, 2013


NEW Updated Dauber Cases Available

Sorry for the delay in releasing the updated Dauber Templates.  I didn't finish them until the day before I left on my two week vacation to Massachusetts.  They are now available though!  Here are the different options for the templates and cases that you can choose from:

  • One Dauber Case /  Box -- see available case types below
  • Design top, as pictured, and label grid on the inside top (these two attached with temporary adhesive so that you can change the top, if desired) and the individual labels on the inside bottom (permanent adhesive).  
  • Top grid covered by clear window sheet to prevent ink from getting on it.
  • 40 Sponge Daubers and the color labels for them (for you to attach).
  • Cost:  $57 plus shipping (unless local pickup)

  • Core Colors.  These are available with grids in three different orders: 
    • ROYGBIV Order (rainbow)
    • Stampin' Up! Color Collection Order
    • Alphabetical Order
    • Plus versions of all three orders with Colored Top Grids (see example below)
  • In Colors, etc. (beginning with 2010-2012 colors)
    • ROYGBIV Order
    • Alphabetical Order
    • Alphabetical Order with Shimmer Paints 
    • Alphabetical Order with & without Shimmer Paints and Colored Top Grids
  • Retired Colors with 40 colors retired in June 2010 & 2013.
    • Alphabetical Order
    • Alphabetical Order with Colored Top Grids

  • Close To My Heart Color Palette available in two orders: 
    • CTMH Color Colletions
    • Alphabetical Order
  • Close To My Heart Retired Colors (Alphabetical)

Cost is $57.00 plus shipping ($5.50 for one case or $11.30 for two to six cases).  Insurance against loss or damage is optional, but recommended as the case is a tight fit and plastic.  As of July 29, USPS is giving $50 insurance for free.  If you want the full cost of the product covered, you can pay as follows ($2.60 for one cases, $3.30 for two or three cases). 

The Dauber Cases are basically the cost of the items only with no charge for my time in assembling and processing them or PayPal fees.  No cases will be sold individually.

If you are interested in purchasing a Dauber Case, please email me with the following information:
  1. Type of case(s) you are interested in (including grid order selection)
  2. Whether you would like insurance against loss or damage or not
  3. Your PayPal email address
  4. Confirm that you are a US resident
I will then send you a PayPal invoice and upon payment order your sponge daubers.

*U.S. Residents only as Stampin' Up! does not permit shipping over international borders.


PLEASE NOTE:  All templates may be printed out for PERSONAL USE ONLY!  They may not be copied, shared with others (via link, file or print), rewritten, sold individually, gifted or put in dauber boxes for resale.  PLEASE respect my copyright on these templates and refer others to my website to purchase their own.  I feel I priced them very reasonably to allow others to purchase the template themselves.


For those in Canada, etc. or demonstrators who already have their own case, you can purchase the templates for the Dauber Case inserts and the Dauber Labels.  The templates have been updated with the Stampin' Up! 2013 Color Refresh and the 2013-2015 In Colors as well as new Colored Top Grids.  Included are three documents: 
  • PDF with 18 pages of box templates - all the grids offered above plus the two styles of design tops and instructions.  
  • Dauber Current Color Labels (current, in colors and retired that you can print on your own return address labels to apply to your daubers.  
  • NEW colored top grids are here!
All this for ONLY $5!  Click the PayPal link below to purchase your very own templates.

FYI:  There is no reduced update fee as I had to totally redo every page of the templates due to the Color Refresh and addition of Colored Top Grids. 


The Close To My Heart Templates include:
  • PDF (5 pages) with the 3 grids offered above for Dauber Cases plus the design tops and instructions.
  • PDF with Dauber Color Labels that you can print on your own return address labels to apply to your daubers.
All this for ONLY $4!  Click the PayPal link below to purchase your very own templates.

Upon payment receipt, I will send you the files via email - usually within 24 hours.  If you have not received them after 48 hours or if you have any questions, please email me or give me a call as I may not have received the payment notification.  Thanks!


  1. Marie can I just order the template with the color names on. I'm from Canada and shipping would be too much.
    Thanks Kathy

  2. Yes, Kathy, near the end of the post, there are options for purchasing just the templates. There are paypal buttons for both Stampin' Up! and Close To My Heart versions. Let me know if you need any help!

  3. Marie,
    Are the templates current as of today, February 2015?


Thank you for blessing me with your comments! I truly appreciate each and every one. Have a fabulous day!

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