Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I have been busy, busy, busy working on my blog!  I do have one thing completed.  I can now officially let you know that I have transitioned to my domain name.  It has been a long time coming as I purchased it almost a year ago before I even had a blog.  I got my renewal notice recently and knew it was time to either let it go or buckle down and figure out how to configure it and direct my blog there.  So I took a few days and got it done.  My new website address is now:

The Stamping Inspiration title will remain.  Don't worry!  If you already have my old link bookmarked or have signed up via google reader, etc., you will be redirected to the new site and won't miss a thing!   Hopefully, it will be easier for you to remember (especially since it mirrors my demonstrator website name:  http://www.mariestamps.staminup.net/) and/or type in. 


  1. Congrats, Marie! How exciting!! Blessings to you!

  2. Congratulations - the site is beautiful! All of your hard work has paid off...well done.


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