Saturday, March 13, 2010


Finally home after a long, but FABULOUS, day of brayer classes with THE Michelle Zindorf!  Last August, I met Jean Goodman at Martha Armstrong's Pampered Stamper Weekend.  She told me about Michelle's great class and that she would be coming to Jean's stamp room in Mechanicsville in March.  So, Jenni and I traveled up to Mechanicsville for her Beginner and Advanced class today.  We left at 7 AM and made our way to Jean's beautiful stamp room.  I'm so glad I made the trip.  There were actually more of us from Virginia Beach (7 out of 10) than anywhere else!

Since I have been stamping for so long, I have brayed quite a bit (A Haunting We Will Go), but they never come out looking as good as Michelle's.  I definitely picked up some good tips - especially art ones.  Jenni had not brayed before so she really enjoyed learning the new techniques.  The advanced class really gave me some new ideas that I can't wait to try at home!  If Michelle ever comes your way, you should absolutely take her class.  I can't wait to perfect some of my own designs and share these techniques with everyone!

Here are a couple of pictures I took at the classes.  The first is of Michelle, Jean and myself (Jenni was playing camera-shy) and the others are Michelle during the class.

I will show you the cards I made tomorrow.  I'm exhausted and with the hour time change tonight, I am headed to bed!


  1. I am anxious to see your cards-would love to take a brayering class with Michelle-she just hasn't come close enough to Pittsburgh yet

  2. I love Michelle's brayering techniques. I've wanted to attend one of her classes for like forever, but she was never close enough to attend UNTIL this year! She is coming to Teas, finally, and will be in the Dallas area on March 27th. I live just north of Houston, so I will be heading up the hiway and attending her Sunday workshop!!!!I will also stop at this fabulous stamp store called Stamp Asslym too.


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