Friday, December 4, 2009

Sorry, I haven't posted for the last couple of days.  I received my huge Online Extravaganza order and while putting it all away, I had to label everything (as I always do) and decided to redo some labeling, reorganize, etc.  Not to mention additional labeling.  They don't call me the Label Queen for nothing!  I am a lean, mean labeling machine!  Okay, maybe not so lean.  :)  Think I am kidding though???  This is just a "few" of my labeling projects:

This is my pen and colored pencils storage:


This is my storage for my brads, buttons, etc.  Basically anything that fits in those Stampin' Store containers, I put in there!  Then I label the sides and the tops.  The print on those containers is just too small to see quickly - and I'm sure that before long, I won't be able to read it without glasses anyway!

These are my Glitter labels:

This is my card stock file drawer.  I use legal-size folders so that the card stock doesn't get dog-eared.  then I have manila folders in the back of each legal folder with scraps.  Note the Labels are COLOR-CODED as well!

Here is my bottom file drawer storage.  Anything that can be stored flat in a file goes in here.  I love filing things as it makes them so easy to find.

This is my Big Shot Die Storage Drawer.  I have another drawer with all the XL Dies and accessories.  Although I can read the Sizzix ones okay, the Stampin' Up! Exclusive Dies have smaller print and this just makes it much easier for me to identify them quickly.  I also label each die with the size cardstock needed to cut for the diecut and how many and what kind of shims needed for dies with scorelines.

This is my drawer with all my embossing powders (and my Big Shot).  I keep about 4-5 jars of embossing powder in square disposable gladware-type containers (from the dollar store) with a plastic spoon.  This is so much easier than using the powder pals or sheets of paper to collect the powder every time, as I go between different powders frequently.  Less clean-up time, easy to take to classes and less waste, too!

This is a closeup of the Iris drawers in my closet for all my thousands of single stamps amassed over the last 15 years as well as other stamping supplies.  In the wide shot, you can see the Elfa baskets below the Iris drawers - mostly for other crafts - that I am working on relabeling.  These are my original storage devices before I had my Stampin' Studio - oldies, but goodies!

This is another of my "old-time" storage organizers for miscellaneous small items for my various crafting interests.  There is another one above it with "double-wide" drawers.

Yes, my labeler is my friend!  My hubby says that he is afraid that if he stays in one place too long, I will put a label on him.  He might be right!  ;D


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  1. I am a labeler too! Haven't gone quite this far yet, still in the process of organizing my craft room. You've given me some ideas, never thought about putting the labels on the glitter, etc. I'll have to remember this for after the holidays. Thanks for sharing.


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