Friday, September 11, 2009


Whew!  I just finished unpacking and putting away my latest order.  I was so excited it was finally here as I ordered on Sept. 1 and UPS "readjusted" my delivery date, not once or twice, but THREE times!  I wanted to slap someone silly over there - don't they know we stampers NEED our fix... ur, I mean supplies... now???  :D

When will someone invent a paper opener for me?  After opening 15 packs of a paper (a few of them double wrapped for some reason) and filing them, I need one!  It's just the most tedious thing to open them without damaging the paper and unwrap.  The sad thing is that I still have another 10 packs already on my order for Oct. 1.  I have been hitting the paper hard lately and have been so low on sooooo many colors!

Now to get in a little play time with my new stamp sets before heading off to my Bunco game tonight!  ;) 



  1. I'm here via the comment thread on SCS. I've browsed around quite a bit and have enjoyed my visit. You do lovely work and I admire your style. I see that you 'cyber-know' Jackie. We should start a stamping-blogger game of Six Degrees of Separation!

  2. Hi Marie, I just stumbled across your blog and you do unbelievable work! Totally inspiring!! :) I used to have the worst time opening my cardstock & DSP until my husband gave me a tip, use the cutting blade from your paper cutter, it opens the cardstock easily from one end to the other without damaging your paper, DSP is a little bit trickier as it isn't as thick but it works well too. Hope this helps! :)


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