Tuesday, June 30, 2020

TOPS Virginia State Queen 2019...


I hope you don't mind a non-stamping post today.  Some of you may know about my weight loss journey for the past 4 years.  Today, I was super excited to see that I was featured on the Official TOPS Club Inc. Facebook page!  It was quite the surprise when I started getting tagged with comments!  I am the 2019 Queen for Virginia which I have known since March, but did not know had now been announced.  Normally, I would have been crowned Queen in April at our state rally, but after postponing a couple of times, it was rescheduled to next year due to COVID-19.  You earn Queen by losing the most weight from the time you join TOPS (July 2016) until you reach your goal weight (July 2019).  I lost 142.2 lbs with TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) and another 10 pounds or so before joining.  No crowning pictures yet, but the photo above is the picture that was featured on the Official TOPS Club page. 

Update August 21, 2020:  Still no state crowning, but here is a picture from my wonderful local chapter awards where I was crowned as our Chapter Queen.  We had a fabulous "TOPScars" theme and everyone dressed as we were going to the Oscars awards!

Enjoy and Shine Bright Today!

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