Friday, February 11, 2011


Just wanted to share some good news.  As you may have read previously, I had surgery two weeks ago.  It was a lumpectomy for two lumps and biopsies.  Today I got the biopsy results and they were benign.  Whew!!!   Thanks to those who have emailed me their prayers.  They were very much appreciated!

No new project for today.  It's been a long day with multiple doctor's appointments and then Bunco.  The Valentine Heart Pouches were a big hit with the ladies!  I'm glad they liked them.  Now it's time to go nighty-nite as I am dead on my feet!    Til next time...


  1. Good 2 hear that Everything is A OK.

  2. Very happy to hear your test results were great news. I am a 12 year breast cancer survivor so I know the anxiety you have experienced.

  3. Awesome news! Glad to hear you are okay!

  4. Glad to hear your results were fine.
    That must be a bit of a relief!?
    Love your projects!


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