Friday, July 2, 2010


I've been hard at work switching everything over to the new colors!  I thought I'd share a couple of my labeling tips.  Stampin' Up! is selling color update kits for many of our popular products.  That way, if you already have full marker sets, Wonderful Watercolor Crayons, Stampin' Pastels, etc., you can just purchase a new color kit with a new package and the new colors only without the expense of replacing products you already have.  Click here to see the below picture in a .pdf version.

The new marker update set includes an updated color insert and the 13 new markers.  Once you take out the retiring colors, there is room for all the new and returning colors plus 10 In-Color markers (5 new ones will come out next year).  I made my own little tags with the new In-Colors and colored them in.  I also added in the Blush Blossom marker which is staying in the line.  I have to redo the Concord Crush as I smudged it.  You can click on the picture to enlarge and see it better.

Since I'm doing everything over anyway, I decided to update the color labels on my ink pads.  After Stampin' Up! retired the color index labels last year, I have been using my LetraTag labeler with the smallest font to match the old labels as closely as possible.  Since I am in my forties and my eyes will probably be taking a turn for the worse anytime now (I already find I need more light to see), I decided to make the font bigger.  I printed out a tape with all the colors and then punched each color out with the Word Window punch.    You can see the difference here:

You could also do this by printing them out on the computer onto either white or clear full sheet (adhesive) label sheets and then punching them out with the Word Window punch.  You could use a little smaller font and add the color collection the pad belongs to below the color name, but I wanted big and clear! 

Now it's on to the cardstock!

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